Redmond O’Hanlon (Narrator)

Redmond O'Hanlon was born in Dorset and studied at Oxford University. He was the natural history editor of the Times Literary Supplement. He has become known for his journeys into some of the most remote jungles of the world. In 2009-2010, Redmond O’Hanlon was a guest and co-presenter on the program Beagle: In Darwin’s wake. He re-traced the route that Charles Darwin took aboard HMS Beagle, a journey that played an influential role in Darwin’s thinking on evolution. In 2011, Dutch television began broadcasting O’Hanlons Heroes. The program was awarded with a prestigious Dutch television award (Silver Nipkow Disk).


Redmond O’Hanlon has written several travel books, recording various journeys he has made, including Trawler (2005), an account of a journey through the North Atlantic from Stromness to Greenland, Into the Heart of Borneo (1984), a recording of a journey to the mountains of Batu Tiban, and Congo Journey (1996), an account of a 6-month trip through the rainforest of the northern Congo basin.