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Each episode of The Art Dispute will also be topical. To what extent do historic lootings speak to issues between countries and cultures nowadays? The Elgin Marbles can be seen in London, but were taken from the Parthenon in Athens. Greece wants to support ‘Brexit’, but not unless their stolen art will be returned first.

Are Dutch tourists travelling to Indonesia aware that over a hundred years ago the Dutch slaughtered parts of the local population of the Island of Borneo and stole among other things a diamond from the neck of the reigning sultan? And what should we think of the mesmerizing bust of Nefertiti, the headlight of the collection of the Neues Museum in Berlin? Shouldn’t she return to her country of origin, as she functions as a symbol for so many Egyptians,

especially as a feminist icon, which in the current political climate in Egypt is ever so important?

Art Dispute
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